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We're trying to get organised.

This project was instigated a year or so ago, with a large amount of work being invested in it by Adam Dixon.

This wiki is an attempt to keep a record of every activity GameCity has produced, every visitor it's welcomed and what they did when they got here.

A rough roadmap of this project can be found here.

If you'd like to contribute to the project or notice any especially unforgivable errors, please notify us of any glaring errors at

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Listed below are my greatest thoughts for a healthier slender figure - one for all the years I spent teaching, studying and actively testing health approaches.

Be adventurous with chopsticks. Choosing chopsticks requires a little more focus in picking up foods in the plate. The pieces are smaller, and eating with them takes more time because you have to closely observe each bite so the food doesn't fall off. They could behave as a reminder to slow down, savor and chew actively which can assist you to realize you are fuller sooner than you thought you had be and then end up eating less!

Spice up your cooking skills. Cut fat but not flavour with chilli, spices, lemon juice, tomato paste, wine, low fat fromage frais, olives, capers, herbs, and sauces with less than 5g fat per 100g. Grill, stir fry, bake, steam, char grill, BBQ or microwave. A low fat cook book helps also - not-to mention WLR's fab recipes.

Take 10 minutes to eat a treat. Try this strategy to permanently reduce cravings : Part out one serving of your favorite treat, taking a minute to smell it, look at it, and think about it. Take one little bite. Chew slowly, moving it all around your mouth and focusing on the feel and taste, then consume. Ask yourself whether you desire another bite or if this one satisfied you. In the event that you still want more, repeat, this time chewing 20 times to the food. Continue this eating exercise for as long as you want or until you end the portion (it should take about 10 minutes). “When you take the time to slow down and be more aware of what something really tastes like, you'll feel more fulfilled,” says Lesley Lutes, PhD, an associate professor within the department of psychology at East Carolina University. “Many of our participants told us that after a while, they did not love the handle as much as they thought they would, or they were content after just a couple of bites and were better able to stop eating when they were satisfied.” Maybe it's the association it has with salads which makes us think of mayonnaise as diet-friendly. The world, nevertheless, is it is high in both animal and vegetable fats - perhaps not particularly great for you - and high in calories (a miniature teaspoon is 50 calories, making a tablespoon around 150 calories). Ditch it and swap out for low fat plain yogurt as an alternative.

Be a heavy drinker. Water is crucial for maintaining the body hydrated and we're actually more likely to retain “water weight” by not consuming enough of it rather than by having too much. The needs of each man is going to be different, but the general recommended daily amount is 64 ounces. Additionally, it takes up space in your belly so that you'll feel fuller while taking in less calories. Find out the best non-boring ways to get in your recommended servings of water.

Be a ballerina. As stand sideways, your coffee drips, set one hand on the counter, and lift the outside leg straight out in front of you, keeping it expanded. With upper body straight, hold for just a few seconds and transfer it to the side; extend and hold it behind you. Do five to ten times on each and every leg. Tones outer thighs, hip flexors and quadriceps. Burns off 10 Java saver. pouring that 1/3 cup of half-and-half (a whopping 105 calories!) into your mug, replace it with the exact same number of 2% milk. Saves 60

Green tea can allow you to keep steady energy. This is as a consequence of the high focus of natural antioxidants - called catechin polyphenols - that it contains.

Wear fitted clothes. The elastic waistband is the dieter's trend enemy number one. Whenever you make you feel-good and wear clothes that fit well, you have awareness gauges that give you clear signs that will help you place on-the brakes as you fill up. Use this as a way of staying aware of your goals and to keep you from overeating.

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