A self-organised artistic cooperative that combines a residency, studio and rehearsal space with an open venue for artistic, cultural and social events. A place where art and reality meet to create an interactive "cultural happening" for all senses, social groups and generations.

The project is entirely lead and run by participating artists to create an open space of social gathering where they can informally interact and connect with the wider public. Performances, installations, workshops, coffee and snacks, good music, cool books, hot debates, late parties, early rehearsals ...  and much much more.  

The first version of a Cultural Garden took place in an abandoned administration building of a closed down gunpowder factory in the small Slovenian town of Kamnik between March and August of 2017.

From May until September of 2018 the second stage of the project will be a pop-up space in the center of Ljubljana the Slovenian capital (more updates coming soon).

If you would like to find out more or get involved please write to: thirdhanders@gmail.com or call +386 31 533 979