Closetland is an interactive installation in the public space. It transforms the city square, park or street into a playground for all ages, a shared living room where visitors can explore, play, create and socialize in the lively ambient created around the remarkable old closets. 

Closetland is based on principles of  “up-cycling” (reinventing old closets and objects to give them a higher value) and “interactivity” (the audience become co-creators of the experience). Our simple "lo-tech" approach stimulates the imagination of the audience and creates a relaxed "do-it-yourself" atmosphere.

Each of our closets is completely unique, a world in itself which is waiting to be discovered. Behind each mysterious door you can find an intimate atmosphere of childhood memories, unexpected sensations and visual poetry. And  the project is still growing, we are constantly making new closets and developing new activities...

Closetland in your city ...

Closetland can last from a few hours to several weeks and can be quite easily adapted to the local language and situation. An experienced team of 6 performers is constantly taking care for the smooth functioning of the installation, organizing activities, communicating with the audience and helping them to become fully involved.

In 2016 we visited 12 festivals in 5 countries and the closets have received great enthusiasm from both visitors and the media, you can find a selection of some press reports (in German language) HERE.

An afternoon in Closetland… (above is a short time-lapse video from RE RIGA festival 2017)

The closets are a great fit for any street theatre festival: there can be individual closets unexpectedly appearing in different locations around the city or a longer lasting installation (with new closets added every day) - this creates an additional focus/meeting point for a festival, connects the rest of the programming and also encourages visitors to return more times (giving their involvement a chance to develop). Closets can even participate in a parade (closets on wheels) or they can independently move around the city to promote the event or festival before it begins.

We are also happy to make workshops with local participants (adults, students or children), developing new ideas for the content of closets (dealing with local history, current issues or imaginative experiences) which we can then make together and present to the public.

Read in more detail about the individual closets and how they all work together HERE.

You can find our technical rider HERE.

On the right you can see a video of some new closet ideas imagined by our visitors in the last year   ------------------->

Imagination is more important than closets.
— Albert Einstein